Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura
Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura
Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura
Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura
Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura
Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura
Vitamin C & E Serum - Allura

Vitamin C & E Serum

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Great Serums with Great Results

Unlike other Serums that I have used, it didn't leave an Oily effect after use, I was scared that it will work or not but it worked, which is amazing.

Product description

Our secret lies in the potent blend of Vitamin C and E, combined to perfection for maximum efficacy. We use the superior form of Vitamin C - Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP), which delivers incredible results without irritating your skin. Unlike average Vitamin C serums, Allura's SAP is more stable, ensuring it remains effective for a long time.

🌟 Benefits

  1. Fights free radicals, shielding your skin from damage
  2. Brightens hyper-pigmentation for a radiant complexion
  3. Stimulates collagen production for youthful, plump skin
  4. Reverses oxidative damage, giving you a fresh canvas
  5. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, revealing smooth skin

💧 The Perfect Bottle:

Designed with your convenience in mind, Allura comes in a dropper dispenser. The lightweight formula absorbs instantly without any sticky residue. Bid farewell to oxidation worries, as our dispenser keeps the serum at its prime.

😍 Wake Up to Gorgeous:

Apply Allura before bedtime, and wake up to hydrated, radiant, and youthful skin. This serum works wonders on your face and neck, revitalizing your skin while you sleep.

🌿 All Skin Types Welcome:

Allura is suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation ensures everyone can indulge in its benefits.

🌿 Ingredients that Matter:

Our powerhouse formula includes Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate 12%, Hyaluronic Acid, Tocopherol Acetate, Glycerol, Propanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl hexyl glycerine, and Water. Each ingredient is carefully selected for maximum efficacy.

🌟 Allura's Promise:

Reduce active acne and prevent future breakouts. Say goodbye to acne marks, pimples, and spots. Achieve clear, glass-like skin with the lightweight and potent Allura Vitamin C + E Serum.

🌟 For Your Skin, By Your Side:

With hundreds of glowing reviews, Allura stands as Pakistan's best serum, offering real benefits for your skin. Experience the transformation within two weeks of regular use.

🌟 Embrace Ageless Beauty:

Fend off the signs of aging with Allura. Our serum fights fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, leaving you with a radiant, youthful complexion.

🌙 Nighttime Ritual:

Apply Allura every night before bed, making it a delightful addition to your skincare routine.

Elevate your skincare experience with Allura. Let the power of Vitamin C + E work its magic, unlocking the beauty that lies within you. Say hello to Allura, and say hello to the radiant, healthy skin you deserve!